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TitanOnline’s search engine takes the complexity out of searching large amounts of data. We tailor our search solutions to connect your visitors with their results, faster and with more accuracy.


Our analytics portal gives real-time insight into your own market trends, including live sales data. Assess your own data to increase your efficiency, know your market, and plan for what’s next for your business.


Need to move your stock? TitanOnline’s eCommerce solutions tie into the world’s largest inventory solutions to bring together sourcing, logistics, to sales. Our tools are proven to increase organic search traffic and provide higher customer retention for your business, increasing sales along the way.

Big Support

We are targeting businesses that haven’t yet maximized their expertise, knowledge or technical ability, to achieve their full revenue potential.

Once we increase your sales, we need to ensure your business can scale adequately with the capacity. We’re not here to install a solution and walk away, we’ll consult you throughout the entire process, providing consistent support as you grow.

Big Data

We take the complexity out of database design. We can convert existing databases to a more robust schema using our Matrix infrastructure. We have developed our own tools tointegrate with any
database your business uses.

Matrix doubles as an additional tool for database syncing. Large data extraction and manipulation issues are a thing of the past. We’re able to automatically merge databases from different systems to act as one – empowering our clients to automate and integrate their
data on a whole new level.

Big Results

Client A

  • Used auto parts dealer with 30,000 individual items in inventory at any given time. Needed stock online, organized and trackable, using an eCommerce system.
  • Analytics setup: Enabled marketing team with more data to allow for a more direct impact. Identified key markets from analytics and immediately increased sale leads.
  • We provided a B2B platform with the capacity for a targeted email campaign.
  • Leads eventually exceeded capacity of their current staff; We implemented systems to increase productivity, avoiding the need for additional staff.
  • We have solved a major auto parts industry problem of matching buyers with parts online using our improved search technology.
  • Conservative estimates project the combined analytics platform and search setup will increase revenue for this client by 25%.

Client B

  • Used auto parts dealer with 50,000 individual items in inventory at any given time. Data was in separate databases, and they needed to get their stock online in an eCommerce system.
  • Our Analytics data identified their key market, allowing strategic focus on revenue generation.
  • Search identified a very good conversion rate and scalibility.
  • Sales leads and revenue have increased 3% monthly since October 2015. Growth has been both continuous and controlled at a sustainable level.
  • We merged two inventory databases to seamlessly act as one.
  • We have allowed Client B to set up automatic dispatching from multiple warehouses, using two different companies to the end user with one order.
  • Implemented ordering system – our system setup worked directly with Client B’s staff to merge seamlessly with their internal processes.

Client C

  • Needed to maximize their accounting capacity. We were able to provide Xero Integration to further the goals of Client C with a minimal set up cost.
  • Reduced book keeping time from 7 hours per week to 1 hour per week
  • 7 hours x 40 dollars per hour (staff pay) = $280
  • $280 x 4 weeks = $1120
  • Cost of Xero integration = $200
  • Cost savings: $920/mo - $11,040/yr

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